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if you don’t want to be spoiled, skip over my last 5 posts.

Anonymous asked: it's stupid biches like you you ruin it for everyone. stop posting spoilers you bitch.

It was a mistake the first time around and an accident, sorry geez.

1201 – Come As You Are, Part 1
Airdate:  Monday 7/16, 10pm
Drew returns from break ready to end things with Katie. Clare is thrilled to see Eli, but is it mutual?

1202 – Come As You Are, Part 2
Airdate: Tuesday 7/17, 10pm
After blacking out, Drew tries to piece together what happened at the party.

1203 – Walking On Broken Glass, Part 1
Airdate: Wednesday 7/18, 10pm
Rejected and angry, Katie seeks revenge on Drew. Simpson asks Eli to work with Becky on the play.

1204 – Walking On Broken Glass, Part 2
Airdate: Thursday 7/19, 10pm
Drew feels like his life is falling apart. Meanwhile, Eli and Becky struggle to cast the play.

1205 – Got Your Money, Part 1
Airdate: Monday 7/23, 10pm
Zig tries to hide the fact that he’s poor from Tori. Dave wonders if he’s the right choice to play Romeo.

1206 – Got Your Money, Part 2
Airdate: Tuesday 7/24, 10pm
Zig will do anything to impress Tori… even steal. Fiona wants Imogen to define their relationship.

1207 – Say It Ain’t So, Part 1
Airdate: Wednesday 7/25, 10pm
Alli is offered a scholarship to MIT. Jake decides college isn’t for him.

1208 – Say It Ain’t So, Part 2
Airdate: Thursday 7/26, 10pm
Alli makes a difficult choice. Jake tries to prove himself to his father.

1209 – Closer To Free, Part 1
Airdate: Monday 7/30, 10pm
Jenna bonds with Becky — and Becky’s hot brother, Luke. Is it a problem that Jenna’s not Christian?

1210 – Closer To Free, Part 2
Airdate: Tuesday 7/31, 10pm
Jenna gets baptized, but did she do it for the wrong reasons? Drew considers dropping out of Degrassi.

1211 – Waterfalls, Part 1
Airdate: Wednesday 8/1, 10pm
Clare tries to impress Asher. K.C. and Bianca play matchmaker.

1212 – Waterfalls, Part 2
Airdate: Thursday 8/2, 10pm
When Asher sexually harasses her, Clare reports him — and loses her internship. K.C. gets some surprising news.

1213 – Rusty Cage, Part 1
Airdate: Monday 8/6, 10pm
Cam blows off hockey practice to hang out with Maya. K.C.’s dad is released from jail.

1214 – Rusty Cage, Part 2
Airdate: Tuesday 8/7, 10pm
Cam struggles to live up to everyone’s expectations on the ice. K.C. wants his dad out of his life.

1215 – Never Ever, Part 1
Airdate: Wednesday 8/8, 10pm
Imogen designs a set for the musical, but is it too elaborate? Meanwhile, Becky interferes with ticket sales.

1216 – Never Ever, Part 2
Airdate: Thursday 8/9, 10pm
Imogen worries about her dad’s strange behavior. Becky bonds with Adam. Katie and Jake kiss.

1217 – Sabotage, Part 1
Airdate: Monday 8/13, 10pm
Clare writes an article that stirs up trouble at school and makes her a new enemy — Mike Dallas.

1218 – Sabotage, Part 2
Airdate: Tuesday 8/14, 10pm
Eli organizes a surprise birthday party to cheer Clare up, and starts to suspect that she’s hiding something.

1219 – Scream, Part 1
Airdate: Wednesday 8/15, 10pm
When a group of parents try to stop the play, Eli takes action. Meanwhile, Becky wants to “save” Adam.

1220 – Scream, Part 2
Airdate: Thursday 8/16, 10pm
On opening night for Romeo and Jules, Tristan is nowhere to be found. Is it stage fright — or something worse?

But this time wasn’t an accident.

Anonymous asked: haha, that rude post made me lol *feels guilty for laughing*

I didn’t even mean to spoil stuff, I don’t get why everyone is being rude to me let alone laughing at me.

Anonymous asked: stop posting spoilers you dumb bitch.

You don’t have to be an ass…

Hah, contrary to my last post, when I see a message like this it makes me want to spoil it for everyone.

Anonymous asked: please try not to post anymore spoilers, thanks

Sorry, when I read articles on DegrassiBlog I forget they’re spoilerish.  Deleted post.

Reason why I ship Goldbaker/Beckyeli



Because I fucking can

Good time to bring this shit back

Best post I’ve seen all day.

Dat promo

was pretty entertaining!  I have no real complaints.  


I’m not a fan of Eli,

But Munro Chambers displayed this sort of ego in the promo that was very attractive.  Some call it swag.  

I don’t fucking get it.

Why is the hockey team red?


They’re gonna turn Maya into a whore.

Gonna call it now.


Marisol calling Fiona out for being a spoiled brat,

but why do I get this feeling Marisol is well off, too?


The point of Eli and Imogen breaking up was that neither of them were right together for a relationship and that Eli shouldn’t date.



Finally saw the season finale for Degrassi season 11,

And I officially hate everything. 

Everything was rushed and made no sense.

I was not as peeved with the Eclare kiss as I thought I would be (mostly because they didn’t get together immediately, which was redeeming, but didn’t make up for the fact at all that they kissed).  The whole Fiona plot was a mess in part 2.  Had so much potential in part 1 and they failed miserably for an Imogen relationship.

Of course, this is only one episode of season 11.  For the most part I enjoyed season 11 a lot.


New Promo

I saw the new promo before I even saw the finale (I’ll watch it tomorrow).  Gifs and thoughts:

  • No more uniform???
  • Who is this rival school?  Is that Bardell?
  • Why is Owen wearing that red jacket?  Did he transfer schools?
  • I am so confused.
  • What the fuck is going on.
  • Fuck my life, Eclare.